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Life Lately||Throwback to GTBank Food & Drink Fair X Mystery Blogger Award

Hey You!

Welcome to the second half of 2018 and I’m back from my impromptu hiatus, I really did miss you. What happened? I really don’t know, I was physically drained, trying to put different things into perspective, so much that the morale to type a post wasn’t there and I decided not to push it. Sometimes, you don’t have to push things, so it doesn’t get to that point where it breaks. Remember Hooke’s Law of Elasticity?
One time, I downloaded a blog schedule, to enable me make drafts on time and set proposed publishing dates, at the back of my mind I already knew it wouldn’t work, I just jejely  deleted it, to re-download it when I truly need it. In this same vein, I have decided to combine two posts in one, because they are both over due and well… First, is about the GTBank food and drink fair, the second is an award. Sim of Sim’s Jollies & Jaunts nominated me for the Mystery Blogger award since March (hiding my face in shame).

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The Sunshine Blogger Award



What a fine way to end this seemingly unending month of January, I got another blogger award! Yay! singing “i’m walking on sunshine ooo…”

Thank you Sim of Sims Jollies & Jaunts for this nomination. ‘Her royal awesomeness’ Sim, writes a great deal about her life’s experiences “rants and rambles” as she calls it, fiction, folklore (F quad), health and a host of societal topics affecting/involving you and me. She never shys from calling a spade, a spade.Please remember to visit her blog and subscribe, you’ll love it. Continue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

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I know you are already wondering what award this is, but i’d like to borrow Tee’s line “its not an award award” per se. However, its an online award given to bloggers by other bloggers, cool right? I know. Part of the aim is to recognise and discover both new and existing bloggers in the “blogosphere” and foster relationship among bloggers. Continue reading “THE LIEBSTER AWARD”