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Review: Lambweston Poundo Potato Flakes

Just like SamVita here, I got to try out this Poundo potato flour from viewing commercials on TV and  another similarity was their poor TVC.

It is made from 92% Irish potato and according to their FAQ page, its nutrition benefits includes, good source of dietary fiber, source of vitamin B6 and 6, magnesium, manganese, potassium and phosphorus. Continue reading “Review: Lambweston Poundo Potato Flakes”

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Review: Samvita Garri Flour

Big brother Naija season come with a lot of TV commercials for different brands, first, it was SamVita garri flour that caught my attention and this year it was Lambweston’s Poundo flour. I’ll review both of them. Continue reading “Review: Samvita Garri Flour”

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Featured|| Majiye Uchibeke and The Giant of Africa

In the religiously, politically and culturally divided Northern and Southern Nigeria, a small Northern Nigerian village loses faith in the government and enlists the help of a notorious, spiritualistic, Southern Nigeria vigilante group, to stop the constant suicide bombings and bring back the school girls who were kidnapped from the town’s boarding school, but they are dealing with a deadly Northern jihadist militant group who are not afraid to die, to kill.

Above, is a brief plot to the movie project Majiye Uchibeke A.K.A Maj as I prefer to call him, is currently working on. This movie is built around the current Boko Haram insurgency in the Northern part of Nigeria. In his story he tries to unify the Northern and Southern parts of Nigeria as a force, to withstand this terrorist group(s), unlike using the Army in reality. In a country that is diverse religiously, culturally and ethnically, I can’t actually wait to see what he makes of this story, unity in diversity.

Continue reading “Featured|| Majiye Uchibeke and The Giant of Africa”