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Are Your ‘Village People’ Pressing You At Night or Is It Sleep Paralysis?

Happy new month everyone, we are in March already! And it better not be like January (if you understand), how has your week been?

In these parts, we are used to people saying “some one was pressing me in my sleep” and they blame their enemies or village people, other foreign cultures , like in Asia attributes it to ‘ghosts’. I remembered one time, after I found out the scientific (or would I say medical) explanation for this ‘pressing me condition’ and I told my friend who usually experiences it, she still insisted that it was spiritual. Its no news either that the devil uses the situations around people to cause problems, but most people tend to spiritualize every thing and most times get annoyingly superstitious, we should learn not to neglect certain facts.

The big questions is, is there a spiritual side to this? or its just one of those medical conditions? People who experience sleep paralysis swear that it’s a really scary experience, as though they are trapped in their bodies. They feel suffocated, in a trance or real nightmare and see scary creatures. Continue reading “Are Your ‘Village People’ Pressing You At Night or Is It Sleep Paralysis?”