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Recipe of the day: Kilishi Jollof Rice and Sautéed Spinach


It’s been a minute, I hope we had a refreshing Sallah holiday? Happy new month! I specially welcome you to this month of September and I pray all our dreams and aspirations become a reality. Continue reading “Recipe of the day: Kilishi Jollof Rice and Sautéed Spinach”

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Bella’s Recipe Of The Day: Peppered Grilled Chicken

Do you remember this peppered chicken from Christmas day? I thought I should share the recipe, even though I didn’t want to, so I can pepper all the people who’ve been asking me (awon pepper dem gang Lol!). Come to think of it, I haven’t  shared any recipe in while, you won’t believe all the unfinished post in my draft. Trust me adulting is harrddd! Continue reading “Bella’s Recipe Of The Day: Peppered Grilled Chicken”

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Recipe: Ekpang Nkukwo


Today’s recipe is the famous pottage dish: Ekpang Nkukwo, native to Southern Crossriver and Akwa Ibom states. Preparing this dish is no small feat. Its preparation can be so tedious at times, that is why it is not a regular staple in many households, usually made once in a while for the family, or for special occasions or special visitors. Anyways, my good friend, Mary Odere (a good cook!) decided to share her Ekpang recipe with Just Bella! Continue reading “Recipe: Ekpang Nkukwo”

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Recipe of the day: Palm oil Jollof Rice with Locust beans (Tiv style)

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Hi there,

Its Sunday! So I thought to share this lovely recipe to inspire you for the week and it could be your next Sunday lunch skipping the religious Rice and Stew, yeah?

This dish reminds me so much of home, my Tiv brothers and sisters can relate better, lol! Continue reading “Recipe of the day: Palm oil Jollof Rice with Locust beans (Tiv style)”