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Review: Samvita Garri Flour

Big brother Naija season come with a lot of TV commercials for different brands, first, it was SamVita garri flour that caught my attention and this year it was Lambweston’s Poundo flour. I’ll review both of them.


I tried SamVita flour immediately after the season 2 finale, despite their horrible commercial at the time, I bought it and I really liked and still like it. They upped their game with a new commercial featuring Chef Miyonse, one of the contestants on the show. This year’s TVC also seems better, even as they change the packaging name from simply “SamVita Flour” to “SamVita garri flour.


The flour is actually made from cassava, so we can say it’s cassava flour. Samvita is made off the fire using near-boiling water. I allow my water boil though and let it sit for a minute or so and prepare it in a bowl,  I pour hot water and stir in the flour till it gets to my desired thickness and smoothness. One thing I also like about this flour is its ability to swell, so a little goes a long way.

It is made in Nigeria, odourless, smooth (as long as you stir it well) and quite affordable. The 1kg pack retails for about N700 to N750.

If you’ve already tried it or about to try it, I’ll like to hear from you.


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