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Featured|| Majiye Uchibeke and The Giant of Africa

In the religiously, politically and culturally divided Northern and Southern Nigeria, a small Northern Nigerian village loses faith in the government and enlists the help of a notorious, spiritualistic, Southern Nigeria vigilante group, to stop the constant suicide bombings and bring back the school girls who were kidnapped from the town’s boarding school, but they are dealing with a deadly Northern jihadist militant group who are not afraid to die, to kill.

Above, is a brief plot to the movie project Majiye Uchibeke A.K.A Maj as I prefer to call him, is currently working on. This movie is built around the current Boko Haram insurgency in the Northern part of Nigeria. In his story he tries to unify the Northern and Southern parts of Nigeria as a force, to withstand this terrorist group(s), unlike using the Army in reality. In a country that is diverse religiously, culturally and ethnically, I can’t actually wait to see what he makes of this story, unity in diversity.

In the words of David Ochoma, he says:
Nigeria, the giant of Africa. Some might even say the powerhouse of Africa, with a population of over 186 million people, is a country blessed with diversity.

The Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba are the major tribes but broadly speaking, there has been a salient divide between the Northern and the Southern protectorates of Nigeria since its amalgamation.

Nigeria is currently facing what most people will describe as a religious war as Boko Haram has been fighting a war against the country for religious reasons.

And in the film, Uchibeke seeks to make, the Northern people take a bold step to seek the help of a Southern Nigeria vigilante group to help fight this deadly enemy, this which is something unheard of in the present system of things in the country. But the question is, can this two religiously, culturally and politically divided parts of Nigeria come together to wage war against the terrorists?

Majiye Uchibeke is a Nigerian, Los Angeles-based filmmaker who is currently working on a project with a question that seeks to address this disunity.

Uchibeke seeks to answer this bold question in his film and explore the concept of “Peace and Unity” in Nigeria.”


Maj is a Photographer, Filmmaker and all round creative from Rivers State,Nigeria. He was my course mate at University of Calabar (UNICAL), until he ported to the Obodo oyibo at the end of our second year and he is currently doing big things and making us proud. He would most definitely appreciate inputs on interesting Northern Nigeria cultures and traditions.

You can connect with him on

Facebook: Majiye Uchi
Instagram: @majshotit





Do leave comments or questions for him.

Till next time.


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