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I was Featured! ||Life of a Foodie On “I am Benue”

Hi there!

What’s happening ? So I’ve been wishing we were already in day twenty-something, however it seems the year has been pretty fast. We thank God for Life! I just downed a bowl of Golden Morn cereal and I just need to sleep, only after I’m done typing this post.

Circa 2013, Me in Tiv cultural attire at the CCQ Pageant in Calabar.

So, last month I was reached out to and given the opportunity to write a brief article on “I am Benue” it just feels good that somehow, while doing the little things, some people are taking note. So, don’t stop what you are doing. In case you never knew, I am from Benue State.

I am Benue Logo

I am benue is the digital community of the Benue people, with the aim of setting the right narrative, informing, educating and projecting the right image of Benue, to her people , Nigerians and the world at large. The below is gotten from their website

The concept

IamBenue is a replicate of Benue State community in our contemporary digital age, whereby the world has become a global village. It is a non-partisan community without ethnic boundaries thataims for togetherness which would contribute greatly moving Benue forward. It is a platform that “knowledge” is shared among Benue indigenes and friends to educate, inform, and entertain using authentic quality contents about Benue for global consumption…

Preview of the write up

To read my article click Life of a Foodie

Thanks  so much to Akaa, the Founder and Creative Director who was really nice and thoughtful the entire time over email correspondence.

Follow them on Facebook: I am Benue

Instagram @iambenue and @benuefood

Do read and check out other stories on the website. I’ll appreciate your feedback in the comment box, have a great day!

In other news, recently I started a homecooked food delivery service,

For our Menu and to order for meals on Just Bella Culinary to be delivered to you! Your patronage and referral is highly welcomed. Thank you.

Send a direct message to @justt_bella on Instagram or Just Bella on Facebook

Send Email Enquiry to

Other services include:

  • Weekly Meal Prep
  • Catering to small events such as bridal showers, office functions, Birthdays etc. (not more than 30 people)

This is currently only available in Lagos state.
Your patronage and referral is highly welcomed. Thank you.


Till my next post, bye!


13 thoughts on “I was Featured! ||Life of a Foodie On “I am Benue””

  1. Hi Bella , our leader (peace of cliquetalk) of the foodie association of Nigeria , called my attention to your page. As a foodie associate i cant wait to explore your delicacies🍲🥗 and start making orders ….already saying my prayers before meal 🙏 …. keep it up Bella

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Whaoo @homecooked food delivery service💪💪💪 my Bella isnor a lazy girl o! you go girl! The sky is your starting point! It’s amazing you have four different styles to cook stew and they taste different from each other lol. I don’t think I love to cook as much as i love to eat(you already know I’m your fellow unapologetic foodie yeah?) then, whilst growing, my best thing to watch on TV was food TV. That channel? Damn!
    Much love Bella ❤
    I’m rooting for you!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awwww…. 😢 wow! This confidence, Thank so much darling ❤️. Hehehehe cheers our Foodie Nation! In fact I owe you a bowl of food, just name it! Watchu want girl?!


      1. 😱 OMG …. Idonbelivit!!
        How can you be soooo nice?
        Thank you so much Belle❤… Food means a lot to me lol.
        I’m seriously having a hard time on the food to request… In as much as i don’t want to stress you, I want to taste your fried rice lol… Thanks again gal.. My village people must hear this! keep the fire gall🙌🙌❤

        Liked by 1 person

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