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Instagram Thrift Fashion Stores

You all remember when I said there’s no shame in thrifting? And I said I was going give a small list of Instagram thrift stores? Well, I’m keeping to my promise. Basically, I would say the motto of these online stores is “we bend, you select!” How cool?     They do all that stressful work, all you do is send a “DM” to order. Most of them state that your payment is what confirms your order and you’ll have to pay for delivery, others accept payment on delivery if you reside within their location.

Read: No shame in thrift shopping

     Since there are some wicked people defrauding customer online, you might want to be careful, which is why I’d put out this disclaimer: because I have arrived at this list doesn’t mean I have bought from every one of them. If you still think going to the market is better, by all means do, if not, all you have to do is turn on post notification for your favourite Instagram store, because before you blink, it is sold.

     So, In no particular order, these stores sell a variety of stuff like work dresses, body cons, sports wear, nighties, vintage wears, denim skirts, mom jeans, hand bags, palazzos, culottes, tops, flat and heeled shoes, sandals etc.

So, what do you guys think? will you prefer to buy online or just go to the market?


Till next time.


14 thoughts on “Instagram Thrift Fashion Stores”

  1. ha,thank you checked all of them,cinzia collections has really nice shoes, I noticed a number of them are now defunct and Buyokrika seems to be the only one here that has a webpage.
    but they sell only shoes and bags .
    update please(sad face) so we can buy clothes and other jolly


  2. Please follow and check out my shop @slayonthrift on instagram….. We sell very affordable, chic and carefully selected first grade okrika wears.


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