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Review: Lambweston Poundo Potato Flakes

Just like SamVita here, I got to try out this Poundo potato flour from viewing commercials on TV and  another similarity was their poor TVC.

It is made from 92% Irish potato and according to their FAQ page, its nutrition benefits includes, good source of dietary fiber, source of vitamin B6 and 6, magnesium, manganese, potassium and phosphorus. Continue reading “Review: Lambweston Poundo Potato Flakes”

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Review: Samvita Garri Flour

Big brother Naija season come with a lot of TV commercials for different brands, first, it was SamVita garri flour that caught my attention and this year it was Lambweston’s Poundo flour. I’ll review both of them. Continue reading “Review: Samvita Garri Flour”

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Recipe of the day: Kilishi Jollof Rice and Sautéed Spinach


It’s been a minute, I hope we had a refreshing Sallah holiday? Happy new month! I specially welcome you to this month of September and I pray all our dreams and aspirations become a reality. Continue reading “Recipe of the day: Kilishi Jollof Rice and Sautéed Spinach”

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Featured|| Majiye Uchibeke and The Giant of Africa

In the religiously, politically and culturally divided Northern and Southern Nigeria, a small Northern Nigerian village loses faith in the government and enlists the help of a notorious, spiritualistic, Southern Nigeria vigilante group, to stop the constant suicide bombings and bring back the school girls who were kidnapped from the town’s boarding school, but they are dealing with a deadly Northern jihadist militant group who are not afraid to die, to kill.

Above, is a brief plot to the movie project Majiye Uchibeke A.K.A Maj as I prefer to call him, is currently working on. This movie is built around the current Boko Haram insurgency in the Northern part of Nigeria. In his story he tries to unify the Northern and Southern parts of Nigeria as a force, to withstand this terrorist group(s), unlike using the Army in reality. In a country that is diverse religiously, culturally and ethnically, I can’t actually wait to see what he makes of this story, unity in diversity.

Continue reading “Featured|| Majiye Uchibeke and The Giant of Africa”

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I was Featured! ||Life of a Foodie On “I am Benue”

Hi there!

What’s happening ? So I’ve been wishing we were already in day twenty-something, however it seems the year has been pretty fast. We thank God for Life! I just downed a bowl of Golden Morn cereal and I just need to sleep, only after I’m done typing this post.

Circa 2013, Me in Tiv cultural attire at the CCQ Pageant in Calabar.

Continue reading “I was Featured! ||Life of a Foodie On “I am Benue””

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Life Lately||Throwback to GTBank Food & Drink Fair X Mystery Blogger Award

Hey You!

Welcome to the second half of 2018 and I’m back from my impromptu hiatus, I really did miss you. What happened? I really don’t know, I was physically drained, trying to put different things into perspective, so much that the morale to type a post wasn’t there and I decided not to push it. Sometimes, you don’t have to push things, so it doesn’t get to that point where it breaks. Remember Hooke’s Law of Elasticity?
One time, I downloaded a blog schedule, to enable me make drafts on time and set proposed publishing dates, at the back of my mind I already knew it wouldn’t work, I just jejely  deleted it, to re-download it when I truly need it. In this same vein, I have decided to combine two posts in one, because they are both over due and well… First, is about the GTBank food and drink fair, the second is an award. Sim of Sim’s Jollies & Jaunts nominated me for the Mystery Blogger award since March (hiding my face in shame).

Continue reading “Life Lately||Throwback to GTBank Food & Drink Fair X Mystery Blogger Award”

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Lagos Living||Girls Time Out! 

You know how life always seems to be happening so fast and you try so hard to catch up, so you aren’t left behind. It was just the first quarter into the year and I could say that I was mentally and physically stressed out! one moment you seem to have every thing under control and the next minute, you are  wondering and asking ”what just happened?”

Continue reading “Lagos Living||Girls Time Out! “

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Belated Birthday Post X Random Facts 



Don’t rely on someone else for your happiness and self-worth. Only you can be responsible for that. If you can’t love and respect yourself, no one else will be able to make that happen. Accept who you are completely; the good and the bad and make changes as YOU see fit, not because you think someone else wants you to be different.”

….Stacey Charter


The above quote pretty much sums my life right and one thing that is key to me in this new year of mine is ‘Happiness’. Happy belated birthday to me!  Continue reading “Belated Birthday Post X Random Facts “

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Are Your ‘Village People’ Pressing You At Night or Is It Sleep Paralysis?

Happy new month everyone, we are in March already! And it better not be like January (if you understand), how has your week been?

In these parts, we are used to people saying “some one was pressing me in my sleep” and they blame their enemies or village people, other foreign cultures , like in Asia attributes it to ‘ghosts’. I remembered one time, after I found out the scientific (or would I say medical) explanation for this ‘pressing me condition’ and I told my friend who usually experiences it, she still insisted that it was spiritual. Its no news either that the devil uses the situations around people to cause problems, but most people tend to spiritualize every thing and most times get annoyingly superstitious, we should learn not to neglect certain facts.

The big questions is, is there a spiritual side to this? or its just one of those medical conditions? People who experience sleep paralysis swear that it’s a really scary experience, as though they are trapped in their bodies. They feel suffocated, in a trance or real nightmare and see scary creatures. Continue reading “Are Your ‘Village People’ Pressing You At Night or Is It Sleep Paralysis?”

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Instagram Thrift Fashion Stores

You all remember when I said there’s no shame in thrifting? And I said I was going give a small list of Instagram thrift stores? Well, I’m keeping to my promise. Basically, I would say the motto of these online stores is “we bend, you select!” How cool? Continue reading “Instagram Thrift Fashion Stores”

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The Sunshine Blogger Award



What a fine way to end this seemingly unending month of January, I got another blogger award! Yay! singing “i’m walking on sunshine ooo…”

Thank you Sim of Sims Jollies & Jaunts for this nomination. ‘Her royal awesomeness’ Sim, writes a great deal about her life’s experiences “rants and rambles” as she calls it, fiction, folklore (F quad), health and a host of societal topics affecting/involving you and me. She never shys from calling a spade, a spade.Please remember to visit her blog and subscribe, you’ll love it. Continue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

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No Shame In Thrift Shopping

What’s this stereotype about thrift anyways? You would think that in this age and time certain people would not turn their noses up at the mention of thrift items “Second hand, Okrika, Tokunbo, Gwonjo” in proper Nigerian parlance . So, if you are one of such people, this post is specifically for you…or not. Whether its furniture, books or even clothes, I don’t see anything wrong, after all you are getting quality stuff for less bargain and most times you even get authentic designers items while thrift shopping. Continue reading “No Shame In Thrift Shopping”

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Bella’s Recipe Of The Day: Peppered Grilled Chicken

Do you remember this peppered chicken from Christmas day? I thought I should share the recipe, even though I didn’t want to, so I can pepper all the people who’ve been asking me (awon pepper dem gang Lol!). Come to think of it, I haven’t  shared any recipe in while, you won’t believe all the unfinished post in my draft. Trust me adulting is harrddd! Continue reading “Bella’s Recipe Of The Day: Peppered Grilled Chicken”

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Your Feet Deserves Some Tender Loving Care TLC

Hi there! this is officially my first post for the year. Happy New Year! . You wouldn’t believe the laziness that comes over me each time I want to make a post, even after I promised myself that this year would be different. Now I’m not so sure if I should blame this Lagos traffic that gets me tired or my village people. Finally, I had to cast and bind the spirit of laziness to make this post. Continue reading “Your Feet Deserves Some Tender Loving Care TLC”

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Merry Christmas!

Hey Guys!

Its Christmas! How’s your day going? Merry Christmas! I’m one of those people who spend Christmas day at home, moreover this their ‘artificial fuel scarcity’ isn’t helping matters, i’d rather preserve my golden petrol for a more yielding waka, moreover the surge on Uber and Taxify these days ehh.. I can’t deal. I have been stressed days leading to this week, all I want is just rest. Continue reading “Merry Christmas!”

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Nigerians social media solidarity; between Travis Greene his fans and Pastor


In a typical gathering of youths, whether they are friends, siblings, strangers or even rivals, there’s always bound to be disagreements over conflicting ideas or opinions on things like sports, fashion, ethnicity, politics, celebrities and all sorts. Most times these altercations are carried out on social media, while some make valid points, others are comfortable making baseless arguments. Continue reading “Nigerians social media solidarity; between Travis Greene his fans and Pastor”

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INHUMANITY: Libya’s 🇱🇾 21st Century Slave Trade

Libya already has a long standing history of slavery. However, It still beats me that in 2017 we would still be talking about slavery, even worse is that, it’s slavery by Africans to fellow Africans, some of who are Nigerians. Continue reading “INHUMANITY: Libya’s 🇱🇾 21st Century Slave Trade”

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NT$100 bills and coins

The other day, I was going through photos on my PC and I saw pictures of the time in Taipei, Taiwan and I asked my self why I hadn’t done a post about it since, what the heck? It was a good experience, so I chose to write about it now.
However, I discovered some of the pictures I took were missing, which means I didn’t do a complete backup from my phone to PC (sad). For example, the pictures I took at the Night market and the ancient coral display at Treasure Sky in Taipei 101, the fine coral jewellery that were high-priced, pictures of my food and the city in general (click here to see coral pictures from another traveller). Continue reading “MY TAIPEI EXPERIENCE”

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Recipe: Ekpang Nkukwo


Today’s recipe is the famous pottage dish: Ekpang Nkukwo, native to Southern Crossriver and Akwa Ibom states. Preparing this dish is no small feat. Its preparation can be so tedious at times, that is why it is not a regular staple in many households, usually made once in a while for the family, or for special occasions or special visitors. Anyways, my good friend, Mary Odere (a good cook!) decided to share her Ekpang recipe with Just Bella! Continue reading “Recipe: Ekpang Nkukwo”

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My Wash-day Routine


     For any hair type, whether natural or not, you already know that taking care of your hair is extremely important and that includes wash-days.  Some days I look for forward to it, other times I don’t. However, one thing is certain, with proper care, due diligence and consistency, you can grow a healthy hair. Continue reading “My Wash-day Routine”

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Bio-oil: Original Versus Fake


 Bio-oil made rave back then in 2013/2014 and now. If you use this product regularly, you can attest to the fact that since then, there has been a steady rise in its counterfeit in the market and beauty stores posing as “genuine”. This is has become so bad that even reputable stores seem to stock these fakes oils, intentionally or unintentionally (I don’t know), Continue reading “Bio-oil: Original Versus Fake”

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Do I need to look a certain “older” to be respected?

credit: Google

   I don’t think I would ever consider my self as ‘old’ even as I age. Well, age has never been my problem, I have never had a reason to increase my age to feel a certain kind of maturity, even though I don’t think or make choices expected my age, but people still tend to undermine me lot, mostly because I look calm and unassuming. Continue reading “Do I need to look a certain “older” to be respected?”

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Let no man pull you low to hate him- Martin Luther King Jr.

“Why is there so much hate in this world?” I sit so many times and I wonder. The internet is awash by gory pictures and incidents of many acts of mercilessness on human lives by fellow humans, are we any different from animals? Human beings have gone savage! Continue reading “KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS”

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I know you are already wondering what award this is, but i’d like to borrow Tee’s line “its not an award award” per se. However, its an online award given to bloggers by other bloggers, cool right? I know. Part of the aim is to recognise and discover both new and existing bloggers in the “blogosphere” and foster relationship among bloggers. Continue reading “THE LIEBSTER AWARD”

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Recipe of the day: Palm oil Jollof Rice with Locust beans (Tiv style)

honey copy

Hi there,

Its Sunday! So I thought to share this lovely recipe to inspire you for the week and it could be your next Sunday lunch skipping the religious Rice and Stew, yeah?

This dish reminds me so much of home, my Tiv brothers and sisters can relate better, lol! Continue reading “Recipe of the day: Palm oil Jollof Rice with Locust beans (Tiv style)”

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Recipe of the day : Spinach Combo

Hey Guys!

So Sorry for being AWOL again! I just get so busy some times, that I end up procrastinating a lot. Please forgive me.

Today’s recipe is very simple and nourishing. Here in Nigeria we call our spinach “Alefo” and just like every other vegetable, the dark green broad leaves ones are the best. Continue reading “Recipe of the day : Spinach Combo”

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Bridal Shower 101




Let me begin with a story.

Some time mid last year, the elder sister to our friend was to get married. Every thing was happening almost in a flash and in as much as we weren’t involved in planning the wedding, we could literary feel the stress on the family. Truly, weddings can be stressful, especially in Nigeria. Continue reading “Bridal Shower 101”

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17 things every lady should have in her hand bag

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 3.52.19 PM

     Ladies hand bags come in different shapes, colours and sizes ,same applies to the contents of a ladies bag often referred to as her best friend, because we really can’t do a lot with out it, its like we practically live out of our bags. While most sisters carry so many junk in their hand bags, ranging from wrappers of sweets to discarded papers etc.  it is rather imperative that we have these few essentials that will come in handy. As i go about my daily actives, i tend to have most of these with me at all times. ladies here are a few essentials you should always have in your hand bag and because they are so petit they fit in perfectly. I know often times guys wonder what we have inside those big bags, so guys! here is a sneak peek into a “lady’s sanctuary”.
Continue reading “17 things every lady should have in her hand bag”